in Internet 1.0 Gary Green’s software methodology handled… Five Percent    of all e-commerce on the planet
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21st century i-gaming applications

After applying the complex algorithm-based methodologies of direct marketing to the casino industry for fine-tuning player-tracking data, Gary Green turned his sites toward  on-line internet gambling. He focused on two areas: Taking a position on the Board of Directors of the Atlantis Internet Group,  a public Nevada Gaming corporation specializing in the development of casino games, casino management software, slot machine software, gaming networks and land based casino development. Teaming with his lead programmer from the Internet 1.0 days and leading technologists from a publicly-traded slot machine company to create i-Gaming Target, a solution to the customer retention issue of i-gaming, social gaming, and online real-money betting websites. With patent-pending and currently copyrighted technology, Gary developed a system that automatically sorts through the data collected from social and for-pay online gaming players, regardless of source (direct registration, Facebook, third-party referrals, etc.). Based on specific criteria and using his proven algorithms, the software generates and tracks offers that increase response retention rates by up to ten-times.

Hotel, Casino, Resort, Hospitality automation

Imagine checking into a hotel room and the room being perfectly tuned to your needs and controllable from your cell phone or from a tablet in the room. The curtains open or close when you step into the room; the lights are adjusted; you set a wake up alarm and the shower comes on pre- heated to your chosen temperature; your chosen media is streamed; services, devices, schedules, and more… are all tailored to your specific needs and controllable by you. Far beyond e-keys for the door and standard “smart house” features, imagine the next generation far beyond a smart room: a personal room. This is the concept of the hospitality technology projected launched by Gary Green in conjunction with a leading Las Vegas technology partner and to be implemented the first time in Gary’s announced Atlantic City boutique hotel/casino.

Entertainment Holographics

Working closely with TV, stage star and movie icon, Bill Oberst Jr., Gary Green pioneered with Bill the “Experience Theatre” project. Picture the “holodeck” from Star Trek The Next Generation: now immerse the audience into that 3-D experience but instead of on screen, for a live-performance stage show with the 3-D world swirling around the actor and the audience. The EXPERIENCE truly transports the audience into the scene. This truly is the ultimate entertainment medium.

Other technology projects

Gary Green has always been an early adopter of new technologies and new software. As such, he always has a “wish list” for new technologies or improvements to existing technologies. From new instant-streaming technologies for the musical shows created by his entertainment production company, to simple additions to existing common software, to out-of-the-box automations for cars, to “impossible” applications of AI (artificial intelligence), to reducing complex multiple-server databases to absurdly small and manageable models… Though it is not his core business, there is no doubt that Gary Green is a technology innovator. Come on… he had one of the first 650 websites in the world.